Our Services

Personal UK tax compliance services including trust and estate returns, Forms 50FS Inheritance Tax returns, and ATED filings
Review of existing offshore structures such as trusts and the related obligations
Advice in connection with tax efficient investing and taking advantage of EIS/SEIS and business investment relief including making the appropriate claims to HMRC
Advice in connection with the practical implications of planning for any change in marital status or the need to fund the costs of the next generation
Advice in connection with the obligations arising from receipt of an inheritance
Planning for retirement including the tax efficient drawing of pension funds
Review of the implications of becoming deemed domiciled for Inheritance Tax and advising on the implementation of efficient structuring in advance of this
Remittance considerations such as planning for the creation of a clean capital pot to fund UK living expenditure prior to arrival in the UK and any resulting tax obligations when it is necessary to bring funds to the UK at a later point, for example for a property purchase
Planning for long term residence in the UK including a review of the tax efficiency of investments if moving to a worldwide basis of taxation and how to optimise the position as well as the implications of the capital loss election

Advice on the US tax system, obligation to file, filing options (married filing separate versus married filing joint) and tax filing and payment deadlines
Preparation of US Federal and State tax returns
Preparation of US Extensions of time to file Federal and State returns
Preparation of foreign bank forms
Preparation of Federal and State estimated payment vouchers
Preparation of streamline US tax returns
Dealing with IRS notices

Advice in connection with arriving in or leaving the UK including consideration of the statutory residence test and completion of any related HMRC forms
Advice surrounding host country tax and social security implications and associated implications surrounding dual residency including review of relevant double taxation agreements and the availability to claim foreign tax credits
Review of assignment letters and contracts in order to ensure that they encompass all tax and social security related matters
Review of tax policies and advice surrounding the options available to employers for their expatriates such as tax equalization, tax protection or laissez faire and the considerations under each option
Assistance with implementation and running of shadow and modified payrolls, advice on grossing up payments via the payroll and advice surrounding the National Insurance liabilities associated with remuneration types
Applications for PAYE directions and related advice
Advice surrounding the tax and social security implications associated with share options including cases where there may be a dual charge in the home and host countries
Preparation and submission of UK Self-Assessment tax returns
Dealing with HMRC enquiries into UK tax affairs including section 9a enquiries and dual contract enquiries
Dealing with Appendix 4 applications for a Short Term Business Visitors Agreement and assistance with the ongoing monitoring and reporting obligations
Applications for certificates of continuing liability for cross border and multi state workers
Planning for and advising on the implications of coming off assignment and remaining in the UK on a longer term basis including a switch to the arising basis of taxation
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