Shortlisted for Best Employer in Tax

Tolley Taxation Awards

Ahead of the upcoming Tolley Taxation awards, where we have been nominated for Best Employer in Tax, we wanted to share some of the staff testimonials that contributed towards our award submission.

From a team member who was part of our first trainee programme last summer

The team culture is incredible. I have worked for multiple companies in multiple industries but have never experienced anything like Everfair. I felt like I had been a part of the team for years in a very short period of time. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly; it definitely helped me with starting. The culture is also amazing, the team is very close, which helps with work and out of work activities. There is such a variety of people as well, coming from different backgrounds. Everyone is very inclusive and welcoming.” CA

From a team member who referred someone to be our trainee programme

The team is fantastic and knew he would benefit from the positive team culture we have, as well as the depth of technical knowledge and resources we have available to us, which you might not expect from a smaller firm.

Everfair is a great place to grow and move up the ranks. I’ve never seen a company that prioritises growing and career progression within the company, before looking externally.” SS

From a team member who originally joined in the admin team, and transitioned to the tax team

Despite the team growing quickly within the last eighteen months, with ten people having joined after me, the company has gone to lengths to make sure that the friendly team culture has not been lost. You very quickly forget who the new joiners are as they fit into the team dynamic so well.

From a personal perspective, the team at Everfair makes me want to go above and beyond in my work, not because I am expected to work beyond the requirements of my job, but because I want to put in the support to the team that I feel I get back from them.” RR

We are delighted to see that members of our team have such positive comments to make about our culture. Culture is something we are continually working on and striving to improve; to harness a great working environment.

As well as our culture, we are really proud to endorse our team first. Prioritising promoting internal career progression, and factoring people’s development goals into our bigger plans.

The past 12 months have been a period of implementing process changes, improving the way we do things, and growing our team, with two trainee programmes. With all this, it is imperative for us that we maintain and keep our company values, where people are at the centre of everything we do.

gillian has an excellent understanding of international tax matters

Which is absolutely vital for me as I am an EU national residing in the UK.

We were very pleased with the advice that everfair tax gave us

Thank you very much for all your kind help and assistance. We are extremely grateful that they followed on with notes of our telecon.

It was a stroke of good luck when we connected with the kind consultants at everfair tax

They proved to be invaluable as we found our way through a maze of forms pertaining to our particular dual citizenship tax issues, and brought up scenarios it hadn’t even occurred to us to consider.

I’d be happy to serve as a reference for any prospective clients.

Thanks to you and your team for all your efforts, which I greatly appreciate.

Everfair Tax offers a very professional service with extremely helpful staff

All my needs were met by their stellar team. I would be happy to recommend them to friends and family.

The team handling my US return were extremely pleasant

They were professional, helpful, polite, and very responsive. They always got back to me by email or set up a video call to explain matters. I would have no hesitation in recommending Everfair Tax to people I know.

The team at Everfair Tax have been a pleasure to work with

The whole process has been very clear and efficient. I have been confident in recommending their services to my colleagues.

All timelines were met, and all questions were answered punctually

My tax situation was complex, but it was well understood by Everfair Tax. I can see this expertise is borne by strong experience.

Everfair Tax has been outstanding in their services and their client care

Everfair Tax has been quick and efficient in responding to my inquiries, providing me with information, and setting up meetings. They have been helpful and clear in their explanations of tax matters and my particular liabilities.


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