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Do you need advice on the US Tax filing system, help preparing streamline US Tax returns, or advice when dealing with IRS notices?   If so, please get in contact as these are just some of the many services Everfair Tax assists our private clients with.  We will also prepare your US Federal and State tax returns and foreign banking forms, manage any extensions to deadlines that are required and most importantly ensure that you meet all your Tax reporting obligations on time.

US Federal Tax Returns

Are you a US national or green card holder, or do you work temporarily in the US?  If so, you are likely to have a US tax return filing obligation.  Here at Everfair Tax, we can calculate any US Federal taxes that may be due and prepare and file your US Federal tax return.

State Tax Returns

We can help calculate any State liabilities and file appropriate State tax returns for Americans living or working in a State in which State taxes are due and for Americans living outside of the US who continue to have an ongoing State filing requirement. We can also deal with State tax matters for foreign nationals either residing in or spending time in the US.


We can prepare extensions of time to file US Federal and State tax returns.

Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FinCEN Form 114)

If you have a balance of $10,000 or more in aggregate, in non-US bank accounts at any point during a tax year, you will be required to file Foreign Bank Forms.  We can help identify any filing requirements and assist with the financial preparation of Foreign Bank forms related to the FBAR process.

Streamlined foreign/domestic offshore procedure

Have you recently become aware that you have a US tax return filing obligation? Perhaps you were born in the USA but have never lived there or you may have left some time ago and not realised that you had an ongoing filing obligation.  If so, it may be possible to file retrospective tax returns under the streamlined procedure.  We can discuss this and the related options available to you, and help navigate you through this complex process including the preparation and filing of backdated US tax returns.

Estimated Payment Vouchers

We can assist you through the estimated payment process including preparation and submission of the related vouchers.

Inland Revenue Service (IRS) notices

Have you received an IRS notice?  If so, please let us know and we can help you through the process by corresponding with the IRS on your behalf.

Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC)

Do you have a foreign mutual fund (e.g. a share ISA)? If so, there are complex rules surrounding the tax and filing obligations. We are able to advise on the different options available for reporting such funds and ongoing wealth management and estate planning.

Pension Schemes

We can advise on the taxation implications of making contributions and receiving distributions to/from US and/or UK pension schemes including self-invested pension plans (SIPP’s) which are considered to be foreign grantor trusts from a US perspective.


Are you a US citizen who has recently made or received a gift? If so, are you aware of the potential US tax and filing obligations?  We can help you understand any such filing obligations and calculate the related tax due.