Oct 15 US Tax Filing Deadline - for citizens living outside of US

US Tax Filing Deadline Extension

The US tax year is based on a calendar year with the annual tax filing date being April 15th, following the end of the year. US taxpayers living abroad receive an automatic Federal extension to file their Tax Return, enabling them to extend the filing due date of the Tax Return to June 15th .

But regardless of this extension, tax is due on April 15th and interest will accumulate on any tax unpaid from that due date, in addition to a series of potential penalties.

Taxpayers who believe they may have a liability on their taxes and who are not able to file their Return by April 15th can avoid interest accruing and extend the date for filing their Federal Return by submitting IRS Form 4868, along with any payment due by April 15th . This extension of time to file, gives the taxpayer up to an additional six months to then file their Tax Return by October 15th and avoid significant penalties for late filing of the Return. Should an initial extension request have not been made by April 15th , it is possible to file the extension before June 15th to extend the Return through to October 15th. In cases where the Tax Return has been legitimately extended but is still not ready for filing by the October 15th deadline, IRS form 2688 can be completed and submitted to enable a further and final additional extension of time to file by December 15th.

No further extensions are available after the December deadline.

US taxpayers also need to be aware of any state filing requirements that they may have and although some states do recognise the Federal extension, you should always check if you have a filing requirement and confirm whether the relevant State requires specific state extension requests to be made.

Like the Federal government these taxing authorities will look to charge interest and penalties where applicable on late payment of tax usually due April 15th.

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